Why I Failed in the Creative Arts

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No Money. James D. Earn A Living Teaching Guitar. Ashley J. Tim Cork. Why I Failed in the Creative Arts How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Everyone heard them. The band, the audience. Something funny happened over time though. I stopped caring so much that people heard when I screwed up, and I started using those little failures as signs of what I needed to work on.

I stop spending as much time on the things I could do flawlessly, and I started hammering away at the passages and changes that always tripped me up. I began to see that no one cared as much about my little failures as I did, and I used that both to fuel my desire to improve, and to focus my efforts. This realization was especially clear anytime I got off stage after a performance. Whether I felt I really bombed my improv section, or I hit the wrong note loud enough to hear it in the next building over, I always came away after a show running through the things in my head that I did wrong.

I would ask people what they thought though, and most times they never noticed. You spend a lot of time immersed in your own creative work, and because of that, you become much better acquainted with all the subtleties. They want to enjoy it, not look for the little inconsistencies or mistakes. Criticism is part of the creative process, though.

More than that, it's an integral part that many people ignore because they don't like how it makes them feel. Not everyone is going to share your taste. But the really good critics will be the ones that offer solutions in addition to critiques. Look for people who can teach you how to do things better, and ask them to critique you honestly and offer paths toward improvement so you can grow. By the way, the guy who is the very best saxophonist I ever played with, I can tell you that the reason he is so good is because he fails religiously. No one I know in any creative pursuit spends more time practicing read: failing in perpetuity than the lead sax player I used to jam with growing up.

Creative work is a truly beautiful undertaking. And on a more personal level, it gives us outlets to explore our ideas and feelings.

Art+Feminism Announces New Call to Action Artwork Commissions from Wendy Red Star + Tuesday Smillie

Every new medium you pick up is a new lens to see the world through. But the same principles apply to learning a creative discipline as did when you learned to run; first you crawl, then you walk, then you learn how to do it at full speed. You'll make some hilariously bad mistakes, getting films made that should probably never see the light of day. So I encourage you to embrace your failures. They will teach you who you are and how you overcome obstacles.

Failure will be the chopping block for all your half-formed ideas, and the springboard for all your greatest work. First you have to try though. Then you have to fail and try again, and fail, and fail, and fail, and learn. You can read the text here. What time is it? Email us at info artandfeminism.

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I ended in Los Angeles, needing the succor of sunshine and green things. The year was a difficult one, full of labor and learning. And, personally, doing the work of trying to be softer in these hard times. I went to Russia for a weekend and managed not to cause an international incident. Happy new year, dear reader.

May the fates conspire in your favor this year, and all after. Hope you can join me on November 13th at the International Center of Photography for The Spiritual Hunt , a lecture and guided meditation. More info below, and on the ICP website.

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Curator Jacqueline Mabey presents a lecture and guided meditation that explores themes of identity, care, and community. I tried it and it made everything I did worthless. It scared the shit out of me.

As artists we live in fear

So I gave up meditation and went back to eating sugar and pancakes and became violent again.

Why I Failed in the Creative Arts Why I Failed in the Creative Arts
Why I Failed in the Creative Arts Why I Failed in the Creative Arts
Why I Failed in the Creative Arts Why I Failed in the Creative Arts
Why I Failed in the Creative Arts Why I Failed in the Creative Arts
Why I Failed in the Creative Arts Why I Failed in the Creative Arts
Why I Failed in the Creative Arts Why I Failed in the Creative Arts

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