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Her first victim is Marla's estranged boyfriend and alleged murderer, soon followed by the stepfather of a teenage member of the group. After befriending Oscar, the only male member of the support group who lost his daughter to suicide after a sexual assault, Jennifer tracks down his daughter's rapist. The man manages to overpower her as she tries to attack him, until he is shot dead by the police, whose attention Jennifer had been drawing through her actions. The police take Jennifer in for questioning, revealing their knowledge of her real identity in an attempt to obtain a confession.

However Oscar, who had grown sympathetic to Jennifer's cause, walks into the police station after slashing his own arms, and publicly admits to the murders before dying from his wounds. No longer the prime suspect, Jennifer is released but stays under police watch as a person of interest. She has a nervous breakdown, becoming further disillusioned with society and no longer able to discern well-meaning men from sexual predators. Clad in a suggestive red dress in order to bait men, Jennifer leaves her home, evading the police watch.

First she unsuccessfully attacks Matthew and scares him away, then she tries to lure a local thug who had been harassing her.

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As Jennifer is about to kill him, she is shot and arrested by McDylan, who had been trailing her the whole time. It is now revealed Jennifer's personal therapy sessions were part of her mandatory treatment following a two-year sentence for attempted murder, lacking evidence of the murders she actually committed.

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After completing the final session before her release, Jennifer leaves the doctor's office and switches the "therapist" sign on the door to read "the rapist". She is then being attacked by two inmates, who she kills, before killing her therapist who had left the room to stop it, revealing that her fantasies of killing are not over.

The film ends as she walks down the hallway smiling. The film opened in Russia and Ukraine on October 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lisa M. Hansen Paul Hertzberg. CineTel Films.

Anchor Bay Films. Box Office Mojo. Ajo Kawir himself is a complicated mix of soul and physicality: He doubts his ability to satisfy a woman, even as he comes to a strange sort of peace with his body. The sparseness means the occasional detail lands brightly: Readers learn in passing that Ajo Kawir devoured martial arts comics while growing up, as, apparently, did his crush Iteung, a fellow fighter he notices mimicking the language of the comics.

Vengeance is interesting formally, too: Its brief, cinematic scenes, not always chronologically ordered, build like stacked, occasionally off-kilter blocks, a visual Jenga. Such flash imagery helps bring to life the many, many fights Ajo Kawir lands in.


There is, Kurniawan suggests, a wisp of a line between selfish cruelty and righteous violence, between voyeurism and action, between a passionate embrace and a death grip. In Man Tiger, Kurniawan masterfully played with time to tell a complicated family story from multiple sides. The point of that novel, as with Vengeance , is to show the insidious, trickle-down effects of men who wreak havoc with little consideration for those around them.

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Both works illustrate these knots of community, where propriety and rage and survival coexist, with a surprising amount of compassion—and illuminate the pain and learning of the next generation with tremendous grace. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

Vengeance is Mine Vengeance is Mine
Vengeance is Mine Vengeance is Mine
Vengeance is Mine Vengeance is Mine
Vengeance is Mine Vengeance is Mine
Vengeance is Mine Vengeance is Mine
Vengeance is Mine Vengeance is Mine
Vengeance is Mine Vengeance is Mine

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