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The supreme overall command designated by the rank of Warmaster is necessary as inter-and intra-service strife and bureaucratic rivalries might make assembling the materiel required and co-operating in the field difficult for officers of the different services without a clear grant of supreme authority. The rank is not available unless granted by the High Lords of Terra and it is the normal formulation to say that such an individual has been given his or her command by the Emperor Himself.

There is rarely more than one Warmaster operating within the Imperium at any one time, due to the extreme powers given to the holder of the title. Some in the Imperium consider the title of Warmaster to be cursed or a sign of ill-omen because of the ties of the rank to Horus and the Horus Heresy , the terrible galactic civil war that tore the Imperium in two.


This is one reason why the title is rarely granted, and also the reason the title is officially proclaimed as "Lord Solar" when issued. It is also the reason why the Forces of Chaos now grant that title to the Chaos Lord who is capable, like Horus, of uniting all the many different Chaos factions under the banner of Chaos Undivided in pursuit of the single goal of destroying the Imperium of Man in the Long War.

At present, the greatest Chaos Warmaster is Abaddon the Despoiler, though the title is often claimed by any Chaos Lord strong enough to unite a disparate group of the servants of the Dark Gods under his command. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.


Now the time has come for me to retire to Terra. My work as a soldier is done and now passes to you for I have great tasks to perform in my earthly sanctum. I name you Warmaster and from this day forth all of my armies and generals shall take orders from you as if the words came from mine own mouth.

But words of caution I have for you for your brother Primarchs are strong of will, of thought and of action.

The Warmasters by David Weber

Do not seek to change them, but use their particular strengths well. You have much work to do for there are still many worlds to liberate, many peoples to rescue. David Weber.

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The Warmasters The Warmasters
The Warmasters The Warmasters
The Warmasters The Warmasters
The Warmasters The Warmasters
The Warmasters The Warmasters

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