The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1)

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I have been playing WoW since Vanilla and in the most recent years I have been spending a lot of time playing Vanilla WoW private servers. After Classic was announced I started to work on leveling routes and doing speedruns which ultimately became the foundation of this guide. This guide is specialized for Human Paladins but any class can follow it for a smooth route to level There are some Paladin specific parts for class quests and item upgrades, but they can be skipped and replaced by your own class specific stuff if you are not playing Paladin. Because of the lack of quest in certain level ranges, doing a few dungeons and their respective quests are highly recommended.

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If you are trying to speed level, dungeons are mostly not recommend unless you got a prepared guild or friends group since they can be huge time-sinks if you are going with random people in a non-organized group. Many quests were changed and added during vanillas lifecycle, some of the most noteworthy are places like Thorium Point and Silithus.

Having a good weapon is crucial for leveling fast. Some of the weapon upgrades I get in this guide is limited supply from vendors and will not always be available. Making a bank alt to use as a personal storage or buy stuff on AH and send to your main while out questing or grinding on the other side of Azeroth is almost a necessity in Classic.

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You can also learn Enchanting on your bank alt at level 5 which makes it able to disenchant any BOE items since there are no skill requirements for disenchanting. You should always have a few gold on your bank to be able to buy stuff on AH you might need during leveling. There are many different ways to spend your talents while leveling to I recommend a combination of Ret and Prot talents for solo leveling and questing, here are some examples:. As I said earlier, dungeons are great for catching up on missing XP or a great alternative to grinding in certain level ranges.

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The dungeons I recommend you can see below, I also made dungeon guides for them with focus on completing all the dungeon quests and gaining as much XP as possible from one run. At this point your current weapon will most likely be something like Archeus , or maybe even worse. We have now reached the end of the guide. I hope you found it helpful and you reached 60 in a good time. Mister Sinister , an old ally of Rasputin, is revealed as the man behind the murders. Larisa is murdered by Sinister, but Colossus and his brother Mikhail foil Sinister's plot, and Mikhail banishes himself to a dimension where he can never die, but from which he can never return.

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If Sinister were to murder Colossus, Rasputin would be reborn in Mikhail, but locked in a dimension on his own. However, all those involved remained unaware of Colossus' son, Peter, in the Savage Land , whose presence could severely alter the situation. Colossus returned to the X-Men, a man without family. It is rumoured that the boy Michael Termani escaped the extermination and made his way to the United States of America in search of Colossus, whom he may be related to.

During an attack on the institute, Colossus engages Sebastian Shaw , although "Shaw" turned out to be an illusory attack by Cassandra Nova. It was revealed that Colossus is the mutant destined to destroy Breakworld according to the Breakworld's precogs.

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However, on a mission to the Breakworld, the X-Men discover that this was not an actual prophecy but an elaborate scheme created by Aghanne, the insane leader of a Breakworld reform cult, intended to bring about that world's destruction. Colossus is chosen for the prophecy as his unique organic steel form would allow him to destroy the planet's power source, initiating a chain reaction that would destroy the entire world. Realizing this, Colossus refuses to kill the planet although he does threaten to seize power and rule it if the Breakworld destroys the Earth as planned.

During the " World War Hulk " storyline, Colossus is one of the X-Men members that tries to defend Professor X against the Hulk , who has come looking for Charles as he is one of the members of the secret Illuminati that exiled him from Earth. During their battle, the Hulk reflects on Colossus' bravery, mentioning that Colossus might have made a "decent opponent" to the Hulk's previous incarnations. Locked in a test of strength, Hulk demonstrates his superior power by bending Colossus's arms backwards at the forearms, breaking them. Colossus returns to Russia with Wolverine and Nightcrawler along for the ride.

The trio are captured by the Russian government, who wish to find out why all their mutant agents succumbed to M-Day, and Colossus did not. This led to a battle against the Russians and Omega Red, who was being examined by their captors.

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After defeating Omega Red, the heroes receive a call from Cyclops informing them of their new home in San Francisco. They soon arrive back in the States, where they aid in rebuilding the X-Men. In the end he tells them to leave him be, he just needs time. Later while walking through Golden Gate Park, he come across a little girl who needs help rescuing her Kitty from a tree to which he replies that nothing would make him happier.

Colossus feels the X-Men are not doing enough to rescue Illyana from Limbo, and is upset. During this period, Magik arrives at Utopia to ask for help from the X-Men and her former teammates as there's a battle coming in Limbo. The reunion helps alleviate some of Colossus's depression, but after Magneto comes to Utopia, Magneto brings the bullet carrying Kitty back to Earth to save her in a show of good faith and Kitty and Colossus are reunited, but are initially unable to touch as Kitty spent so long phased to stop the bullet hitting something that she has 'forgotten' how to resume a tangible state on her own.

After the Juggernaut became Kuurth: Breaker of Stone, one of the Heralds of a long-dormant god of fear known as the Serpent , Colossus made a bargain with Cyttorak , the other-dimensional being who originally empowered the Juggernaut, to gain the power to stand against Kuurth. Colossus became the new avatar of the Juggernaut and was able to push Cain Marko back until Cain was summoned by The Serpent. This decision caused Kitty to break up with Colossus, as she cannot cope with his increasingly displayed willingness to sacrifice himself when she wants someone who will be willing to live for her.

Due to this, Colossus decides to stay on Utopia with Cyclops' team of X-Men instead of returning to Westchester due to his fear of his new Juggernaut powers being unsafe around children. At the onset of the Avengers vs. Their Phoenix powers dissipate and are absorbed by Emma Frost and Cyclops Namor having already been defeated. Colossus's powers have gone out of control, apparently as a result of losing the Phoenix Force, causing parts of him to shift between flesh and organic steel rather than all flesh or all organic steel. During this time, Cyttorak caused the Crimson Gem to reappear in the ancient temple and triggered a call for suitable candidates to become a new Juggernaut, which led to Colossus and Cain Marko joining a team of X-Men to stop the Gem from being claimed by forces such as Man-Killer and the former Living Monolith.

However, when Adbol acquired the Gem for himself, Colossus invoked Cyttorak to confront him about the failure of all of his past Juggernauts, suggesting that Cyttorak withdraw his power from Adbol and empower a new avatar to a greater extent than any before. Unfortunately, Cyttorak chose to empower Marko rather than Colossus, with Marko resolving to destroy the X-Men present and then move on to kill Cyclops for the death of Professor X.

With Marko now even immune to psychic attacks, he appeared truly unstoppable, but Colossus was able to defeat him by outmaneouvring the super-empowered Marko until he could strike the sea side cliff edge where they had been fighting, causing Cain to fall into the ocean below, taking him out of the fight at least for the moment. During the Secret Wars storyline, Colossus is with the X-Men when they take part in the incursion event between Earth and Earth Colossus later joins Storm's new team of X-Men who are living in an isolated part of Limbo after magically transporting the mansion there, renaming it X-Haven.

Their mission is to provide a refuge and protect mutants from the effects of the M-Pox that has infected the mutants and rendered almost all of the mutant species sterile due to the Terrigen in the atmosphere. When they re-encounter the missing students, they discover them to be now adults protecting an ark of artificially created mutant embryos from the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse: one of whom is a celestially altered Colossus. Colossus was eventually found by his teammates Iceman and Nightcrawler [76] and teleported back to X-Haven by Cerebra.

After Beast discovers that there isn't a cure for the M-Pox and no way to alter the Terrigen cloud the X-Men are left with the choice to either stay on earth and fight for their right to live and risk becoming extinct in a matter of weeks or leave earth and start fresh somewhere else. The X-Men decide to go to war against the Inhumans to decide the fate of the Terrigen. With the war underway Colossus is stationed at X-Haven to protect it from a potential Inhuman counter-attack.

When the Inhuman Royal Family arrives to do just that, Colossus is left to face them on his own.

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He later joins the rest of the X-Men in Iceland in the final battle against the Inhumans, where Medusa finally understands what the X-Men are fighting for so she voluntarily destroys the Terrigen. After the Terrigen is destroyed the X-Men sends the refugees back home from X-Haven now that earth is habitable for mutants again. Still, the X-Men find themselves wondering how to move forward with the events of the war still fresh in their minds. Storm asks Kitty Pryde to return to the X-Men and take her place as leader, and in doing so Kitty moves the mansion from Limbo to Central Park and creates a new field team and recruits Colossus.

Colossus and Kitty share many awkward moments given their history, trying to move forward as friends but still feeling a chemistry. Colossus is a mutant with the ability to transform his entire body into a form of "organic steel", with properties similar to osmium but of still unknown composition. Colossus must transform his entire body into this armored state; he cannot transform only a portion of his body. His weight is more than doubled. His physical strength is currently greater than when he first joined the X-Men due to the realignment of his cells by Magneto following an injury during the Mutant Massacre.

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While in his armored form, Colossus requires no food, water, or even oxygen to sustain himself, and is extremely resistant to injury. He is capable of withstanding great impacts, large caliber bullets, falling from tremendous heights, electricity, and certain magical attacks.

As he is vulnerable to the anti-metal Antarctic Vibranium in his metal form, his body instinctively shifts to human form when faced with an Antarctic Vibranium weapon. Colossus is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained in Judo by Cyclops.

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In his human form, he is still exceptionally strong and in superb physical condition, though not superhumanly so. He has completed college-level courses at Xavier's school. As the unstoppable Avatar of Cyttorak , Colossus gained additional superhuman strength and resistance to injury, as well as other mystical powers. Among these is the power to ignore impediments to his movement, hence the "unstoppable" moniker.

The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1) The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1)
The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1) The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1)
The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1) The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1)
The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1) The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1)
The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1) The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1)
The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1) The Reckonning Season (Iron Forge Book 1)

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