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I've never been hit. It sounds ridiculous but it's true. It was being blown to the head. The year-old was also forced to deny his abduction was a hoax to coincide with the band's comeback and revealed he cried as he begged the men to spare his life. He said the men only released him when he revealed he is soon to be a dad. You do not need to go to the extent of killing me and making a child not have a father",' Band recalled. Kicked me out of the car and they drove off. Hours before: Alex Band performed at a music festival in Michigan on Saturday night with his group The Calling, though he is the only original band member.

Mercy: The singer says that he was released by his captors when he told them he was about to become a father. He was in Lapeer, Michigan, for a local music festival when he was abducted.

He was rescued afteranother member of the band noticed he was missing and a search party was sent out. He was discovered a short time later and taken to a local hospital covered in blood.

The Calling [feat. Alex Band]

The singer was treated and eventually released, according to TMZ. Love life: Musician Alex Band with his second wife Kristin Blanford, who he was married to for less than a year. In the call to report the attack, his manager can be heard telling the dispatcher: 'He's bleeding all over the place and I found him at the side of the road. The Lapeer City Police Department said today they are looking for two men who were driving a blue mini-van.

The police have also revealed that Band said he was robbed during the alleged attack. It is not known what was stolen. They split in but announced they were back together just four days ago on their Facebook page.

The Calling lead singer Alex Band forced to deny his abduction was a hoax

They played a gig in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Saturday night before going to Michigan to perform at the music festival. They split in but recently reunited. Prior to the Atlantic City show, Band wrote on his Facebook and Twitter: 'So blessed and thankful to be back on stage doing what I love! The song was extremely successful, charting at number three on the Billboard Top 40 and number eight on the Billboard Top It was also recently named the number five song of the decade on the Adult Pop charts by Billboard.

After the band split up he also set up his own record label and released a five EP album, enjoying some solo success with his songs being used on a number of TV shows and movies. He is believed to currently be single but was married and divorced twice. He married first wife Jennifer Sky on July 25, The couple split in View: Beers Place Reviews Events. Reviews: Ratings: 1, Log in to view all ratings and sort. Hop juice armpit above average IPA smell. The taste is a very bitter and swampy IPA: vegetal funky hops and medicinal bitterness mixing with very prominent booze taste to make a passable hobo swill.

Drinkable, but needs to tone down the booze and bitter White head; a curtain of tree-rung lace. Medium mouthfeel.

TheFatRat - The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm) 【10 HOURS】

Mild pineapple flavor up front; grapefruit bite on the finish. A nice nose, but too bitter for me. Just OK. First impression is shockingly sweet with a funky cat pee note. Hot and acidic with a fizzy yet syrupy mouthfeel. The aftertaste is long with hops and quite bitter. Taste is frozen orange juice concentrate with a splash of papaya nectar. Lots of aromatics, which cover the fruit spectrum. IBUs are rated at 75, which seems likely.

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Interesting, wacky From the 12 oz bottle in the six pack. A standard for all other IPAs. Pours a cloudy, not hazy, gold, with a nice head, but limited lacing. The aromas and flavors hit all the right notes, or "check the boxes" for a DIPA, with plenty of malt-forward tropical fruit well-balanced by some pleasant, old-school floral hop, but there isn't anything "standout" about any of it.

Just solid. The mouthfeel is good, with a nice dry finish as a counterpoint to the malty DIPA backbone. For me this beer was much more sweet than piney. Too sweet for my taste. Bottle says 75 IBU.

I'm sure it is accurate but the sweetness overpowers any hop notes. S-Sweet sugary fruits T-Citrus up front on the flavor. Oranges, and some grapefruit Finishes drier than the initial flavor would lead you to think. Smell is of citrus, light pine. Taste is citrus, some alcohol, a bit juicy, a good amount of bitterness.

Feels medium bodied in the mouth and overall is a good quality beer. Aroma is west coast big citrus fruity notes and pine bitterness riding on a sweet malt base. Taste is is big on hops fruity citrus , some sweet malts after fruity burst then lingering pine resin bitterness. Overall pretty descent IPA not bad and not mind blowing just a solid good beer.

Mouthfeel is medium with a little peppy kick to bring out the hops. But seems little lighter then the 8. Overall a solid beer big on hops favorable enough not a mind blowing IPA but good and enjoyable. This one goes down smooth with a light citrus and pine flavor. For an 8. Yet again Boulevard has halted me like traffic on I With another nice beer.

Pouring it out, it is a bit disappointing on aroma for what I was expecting. Your guide to the best gigs, festivals and classical concerts held in the Spanish capital.

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What's on. Barrio de las Letras. Barrio de Salamanca. Casa de Campo. Cerca de Madrid. Conde Duque. La Latina. Paseo del Arte. Type of event Sport.

The Calling singer Alex Band says his abduction is not a hoax

Special events. Conferences and trade shows. Theatre and dance. Items per page 10 20 Panoramic views.

The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling
The Calling The Calling

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