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Then at this moment, my trunk sinks a little. It does not happen when I am on the right side.

Could you please write your E-mail address and I will attach the video. Many thanks in advance for comments and advice. You are missing some very important things plus you should put way more photos and video so we can visualize everything better. I have a short video of him swimming freestyle. After I saw your great videos, I know he needs to make some corrections on his technique.

Could you please send me your E-mail address so I can send you his video swimming in a competition? Thank you for your support! I am a swimming instructor I would like to help you. This means I have to swim 22 miles in a local pool, luckily, not the channel or I would already be dead! I really enjoyed your site. Of your 10 techniques for freestyle, I reckon I am doing only one, the underwater breathing timing, correctly. I have swum all my life reluctantly and badly as part of my overall fitness regime.

I am a former top-class runner and gym instructor who at 54 years due to an accumulation of injuries it looks like my running days are over.

I have hit the pool with a vengeance doing k up to four times per week. However, this is slowly. I know I am fitter and stronger than others in the pool however they fly past me. I know I am ultra-competitive and laugh at myself. In running, I knew I was always faster than almost everyone, and it is a big fall. These techniques give me a lot to ponder and hopefully work upon. One question. I miss the burn, fatigue of a hard anaerobic type workout. Is swimming naturally self-limiting and moderating or will this change with technique? I really find it hard to push myself in the water so go for distance instead.

It is indeed possible that you are held back by your swimming technique. This explains why less fit swimmers can swim faster than you. This requires time, dedication, attention to detail and ideally a good swim instructor. I have been a runner for 25 years, dabbling in 10k and 20k races.


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I also did the swimming leg in a few team triathlons a few years ago. So I can tell you that swimming is no different than running in the regards of training intensity. Once your swimming technique has improved, you will be able to target a certain level of intensity in your swim training without being held back by technical hurdles. Before closing, I want to add a word of caution. Thanks for the article. The relative importance of selected kinematic variables in relation to swimming performance in elite male and elite female m and breaststroke swimmer.

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Effect of wearing clothes on oxygen uptake and ratings of perceived exertion while swimming. Examining the accumulated oxygen deficit method in breaststroke swimming.

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Eur J App Physiol ; Energetics and biomechanics as determining factors of swimming performance: updating the state of the art. J Sci Med Sport ; Relationship between tethered forces and the four swimming techniques performance. J Appl Biomech ; Hip abductor injury in competitive swimmers.

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Am J Sports Med ; Clarys J. In: Swimming Science V. Rouard A, Clarys J. Cocontraction in the elbow and shoulder muscles during rapid cyclic movements in an aquatic environment.

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Swimming Technique

Appl Biomech Phys Nutr Met ; Evaluation of muscle fatigue during m front crawl. Figueiredo P. Biophysical Analysis of the m Front Crawl - Interplay between the biomechanical, energetic, coordinative, and muscular factors. Doctoral Thesis in Sport Sciences. EMG of the shoulder muscles during an exhaustive front crawl test realised in a flume.

In: XIV I. Congress pp. Muscular activations during repetitions of sculling movements up to exhaustion in swimming. Arch Physiol Biochem ; Electromyographic evidence of selective muscle fatigue during competitive swimming. Comparison between the standard average muscle activation with the use of snorkel and without snorkel in breaststroke technique.

Abstract Book. The normal and the painful shoulders during the breaststroke. Electromyographic and cinematographic analysis of twelve muscles. Fine wire electromyography analysis of muscles of the shoulder during swimming. Harriss DJ, Atkinson G. Ethical standards in sport and exercise science research.

DeLeva P. Adjustments to Zatsiorsky-Seluyanov's segment inertia parameters. J Biomech ; Hirata RP, Duarte M.

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Effect of relative knee position on internal mechanical loading during squatting. Braz J Phys Ther ; J Sci Med Sports ; A comparison of the intra-cyclic velocity variation in breaststroke swimmers with flat and undulating styles.

Common Swim Strokes

J Sports Sci ; Abdel-Aziz Y, Karara H. Direct linear transformation: from comparator coordinates into object coordinates in close range photogrammetry. Illinois: Church Falls, Winter D. Biomechanic and motor control of human movement. Chichester: John Wiley and sons. Herrmens HJ, Freriks B. Roessingh Research and Development, Enschede; Basmajian V, De Luca C. Muscles Alive. A number of strokes are only used for special purposes, e. Swimming underwater is faster than swimming on the surface. Underwater swimming is not its own category in the Olympics, but in the Olympics several competitors swam much of the backstroke race underwater.

After that, the Olympics created a rule that swimmers are only allowed to stay underwater for the first 10 meters later changed to 15 meters after a start or a turn. Any style with underwater recovery can be done underwater for certain distances depending on the need for air.


Underwater swimming on the back has the additional problem of water entering the nose. To avoid this, the swimmer can breathe out through the nose or wear a nose clip. Some swimmers can close their nostrils with the upper lip or with the compressor naris muscles. Swimming hydrodynamics have significantly applied BCF body-caudal fin swimming to techniques.

Swimming Techniques Swimming Techniques
Swimming Techniques Swimming Techniques
Swimming Techniques Swimming Techniques
Swimming Techniques Swimming Techniques
Swimming Techniques Swimming Techniques
Swimming Techniques Swimming Techniques

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