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Akarnae Special Edition. Throne of Glass Miniature Character Collection. The sailors abandoned their duties as the winds picked up, throwing the galleon about, and Mara gazed upon each sailor. Mara named each face.

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She sang on, naming each sailor as she went. Mara paused and dropped her song. Truth gazed back at her from the eyes of a sailor who stood healthy, strong and wise…oh, so very wise. Oh, and if she had… The look in his eyes warned her. The winds picked up. The ship rocked, and one of the sailors leapt on Mara, hungry for her touch and still possessed by her song. His body entangled with hers and together, they fell to the deck. The venom in her skin seeped into his and he unleashed a scream as her hair, cascading around his body, encompassed him in a curtain of barbs buried within her silver locks.

His screams ended her spell allowing the full terror of the storm to descend on sailors. Truth lunged, pulling the sailor off of Mara as a wave struck the deck casting Mara back to the Sea. Her tail returned as sailors followed Mara, willingly into the sea. Her sisters went to work. Above, the winds and rain battered the ship throwing more sailors to the sea. One by one, the sirens selected their sailor. Arms became entangled in silver hair that fired harpoons into their limbs spilling their blood into the sea. Their drug-induced state kept them unaware of their fate as they hungrily clawed at the sirens for more.

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Holding the venom skin to theirs, kissing the poison on their lips, Mara watched as she had so many times before, the sailors happily rip their bodies apart with euphoria as a siren carried them down to their deaths. A trail of blood followed each sailor to the ocean floor with his mermaid, too dead to appreciate his fate. Still, all around her, the sailors leapt to the waters, eager to find their siren who waited and accepted them with open arms.

Again, Mara counted off the faces. Where was Truth? Forgetting her song, Mara whipped around and studied each face. She had seen each one of her sisters.

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None had claimed Truth yet nor was he in the water. Mara swam, racing to the surface. Her head broke the surface as before. The ship still clung to the waters. The sheets were shredded into remnants. It was only a matter of time, the ship would sink. Her mind raced. Could she climb? Could she sing? As she battled her choices, a wave crashed onto the deck taking down the main mast with it. The mast and the wave struck the gunwale and washed into the Sea, taking Truth and the gunwale with it.

Mara dove under the water and started sorting through the debris. Her sisters had taken the last of the sailors.

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A single sailor, Foolish, hungrily kissed her sister, oblivious to the venom burns that covered his skin or the barbs impaling his body. His only thought was of more. The Siren gently, lovingly carried him into the black depths leaving behind the trail of blood as he clawed her closer for more. Mara turned back and there, she found Truth sinking alone and unconsciousness to the ocean floor. Without thought, Mara dove, throwing all her strength into reaching him in time. As she touched him, her venom responded ans swelled, leaving a burn on his skin.

The eyes, she thought, his hateful eyes.

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How much she longed to understand. So much she had to ask. Together, they broke surface, and, amid the storm, the waves, and debris, Mara swam with Truth in tow.

Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)
Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2) Siren Song (Song Cycle Trilogy Book 2)

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