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Related Tags. Databases Email Word Processing Internet. Oracle Sales Cloud:. Latest Articles. How to Keep from Getting Phished in Neurotechnology Vs. NET to send e-mails crafted manually. In MailBee. The job represents a task of sending a single e-mail or mail merge series. This guide uses bulk mail only in conjunction with mail merge.

The error processing in case of bulk mail operations including mail merge is different as compared to sending a single e-mail. If you send a single e-mail and it fails, that's an error, no question here, and MailBee.

Mail merge and bulk mail

NET throws an exception then. But in case of multiple e-mails being sent, failure of a single e-mail shouldn't always stop the entire bulk mail operation. NET lets your application stay informed about the failures of individual e-mails without interrupting the whole process by using events. This console sample creates the data table containing two rows, and performs mail merge over it. Note that the mail merge process also involves attaching a file which name is a pattern so that it will attach different files for different data rows :.

Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard in Word 2007 or Word 2010

Here and below, we assume that MailBee. Also, the sample needs annual report. If the files are not there, you won't see any exception, the e-mails will just not be sent. You can use events to post-process the e-mail message after it has been generated with mail merge but before it gets sent. The sample below differs from the previous sample in one thing: the attachment filename on disk is different from the attachment filename as it must appear in the message for instance, if you're attaching temp files which don't have meaningful names on the filesystem.

That's how you can overcome this with events:.

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  • Mail Merge Explained!
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As you can see, the sample needs NET will catch it. See below why, and how to deal with errors and exceptions in case of sending bulk mail. In production, it's not convenient to have the whole process to stop in case of failure of a single e-mail. Still, you need to somehow track the failed e-mails and the reasons of the occurred errors.

The sample below is the more advanced version of the previous sample mail merge of attachments having different filenames on disk and in e-mail , with the extensive error handling:. Mail merge in MailBee. NET Objects, it comes with its own installer. You, however, don't need a separate license key for it.

If you see any mistakes regarding line spacing or word spacing in the salutation, this is a good chance to fix that. Click Next: Complete the merge. Now, as you can see in the task pane on the right, there are two basic choices. If everything looks pretty good so far, you can take a chance and click the button: Print.

Use mail merge for bulk email, letters, labels, and envelopes

This will merge our letter with our recipient list and print out X number of letters. This creates a new document which is composed of all the individual letters that are created in the Mail Merge process. We can now go through this batch of letters and correct any mistakes. This means that each of the individual letters are actually sections of the document.

Instead, we must specify the section numbers. That is, instead of entering 1, 4, 7 , in the box for Pages to be printed, we would instead enter: S1, S4, S7. What we need to do now is print the Letters document. Once it is printed, the Letters document is no longer needed.

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We can use the original letter document we just saved a moment ago to create a new collection of letters in just a few mouse clicks. So, close the Letters document without saving it. The original mail-merge letter document will now appear, and that should be saved for possible reuse in the future. Well, it turned out to be even easier than I thought.

Really only nine steps! Of course, there is one more step: If we want to mail these letters, we need to print either labels or envelopes. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content The Mail Merge feature of Microsoft Word is a great way to produce a large number of personalized letters or labels in a short amount of time.

Prepare the List of Recipients The list of recipients is simply a table of names and addresses.

Mail merge and bulk mail

Choose the Document We already have our document open, so all we need to do is click Next: Select recipients. Choose a Recipient List Now we choose the second ingredient in our Mail Merge recipe, the list of recipients. Write the Letter Well, our letter is pretty much already written. Preview the Letters Prepare to be amazed: In this step, the merge fields have been replaced with actual data.

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Mail Merge Explained Mail Merge Explained
Mail Merge Explained Mail Merge Explained
Mail Merge Explained Mail Merge Explained
Mail Merge Explained Mail Merge Explained
Mail Merge Explained Mail Merge Explained

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