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Psalm 139:14

Such a tradition, while admirable, is far less prevelant in today's society.

King James Bible

Wearing it today either short or long is a matter of personal choice. If you feel judged by certain people for have short locks, you may want to ask and confirm why they do so.

"Why Does The Bible Condemn Braiding Hair?" (A question asked of me by a listener.)

What matters is that you feel comfortable wearing your hair however long you wish and that you do so in faith and with a clean conscience Romans Women should be proud of how God made them and enjoy their femininity. Things of this life like hair are only temporary. The apostle Peter reminds us what is lasting and what our focus should be when he states, "You especially women should not use outward aids to make yourselves beautiful.

Is it a shame for men to have long hair (1 Corinthians 11)?

All believers, be they men or women, should bear with and encourage one another over such things as hair length be it long or short , clothes, jewelry and other non-salvation issues. We are to worship God in spirit and in truth , obey the law and offer justice in a fair and balance way John This includes treating each other with love as we would like to be treated John Our treatment of others, whether they be women or men regarding hair or other such things, should be mixed with love and mercy.

Jesus taught, "Therefore, you also be compassionate, even as your Father is compassionate.

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And do not judge others. Paul, who suffered greatly for the gospel, stated, ". Question: Should women wear only long hair? I feel like I am judged by some in my church when I wear mine short. Rather, they should devote themselves and their time to good works.

Top 7 Bible Verses About Gray Hair

They should emphasize the inner person which God finds of great value. True men of God will also find this inner beauty of priceless worth Proverbs , 31! What is all of this saying to us? What applications may we make?

Most Relevant Verses

Scripture should lead women to wear long hair. Scripture would lead men to have short hair. Men should not look feminine and women should not look masculine!

Does the Bible Prohibit Women From Cutting Their Hair (I Corinthians )?

The unisex look is an abomination to the Lord. The Word of God would instruct us to not have elaborate hairdos or hair arrangements that are meant to entice the opposite sex. Surely sisters in the Lord or even brothers should not succumb to worldly hairstyles. Plain, simple and natural hairstyles should be sought by the true believer. Many barbers would also be tempted to acquiesce to many of the faddish, foolish, and shameful hairstyles of today—especially if a woman walks into the shop and demands a masculine-like hair cut! We should keep several points in mind.

If a woman comes to Christ, this sister may have short hair and it may take years before her hair grows long. She should not be condemned for what she did as a sinner. Further, a sinful Christian woman with short hair who repents should not be condemned but rather encouraged in her desire to become a modest woman of God and allow her hair to grow long to please the Lord. A further consideration is that some women have longer hair by nature. One woman in India had hair 13 feet and 10 inches long, and one girl in the United States grew hair 12 feet and 8 inches long!

This, in fact, may give them much grief. Again, these sisters should be commended in the Lord and should not be made to look inferior because of genetic limitations. If they are allowing their hair to grow long, this should be praised Proverbs We might also add that a woman who has a physical disease or scalp condition that limits hair growth should not be condemned. Some women say that caring for long hair is somewhat time-consuming, and this does present a daily problem. However, I just received a letter from a sister who stated that caring for long hair is quite easy for her.

Some women are required to spend a lot of time simply to keep clean. There are individual differences between people and texture of hair.

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  6. A sister who is burdened with this problem should seek ways to manage her hair washing, combing, etc. Seek advice from other seasoned women of God. The Lord will help the willing heart. Another point should be mentioned. You may say that the Biblical instruction is only to adolescent and adult women, but remember that your daughters will grow to become women.

    They should be taught that God wants women to have long hair, thus young girls should also be trained to have long hair. Just as you want your girls to be modestly clothed, you should not want your daughters to have short hair or be masculine in any way. Your sons also should be taught to not have long hair for they too will become men one day. Do not sin against your child during their young and impressionable years! A final point of caution is that a woman may employ her long hair to achieve sinful purposes.

    Jesus warns of the danger of looking on a woman to lust for her and thus committing adultery in the heart Matthew A woman who thus displays her hair is likewise guilty of sin as she seeks to arise lust in the hearts of men Luke Let the true follower of Christ seek modesty 1 Timothy , humility 1 Peter , and separation from the world Romans As we pursue this type of lifestyle, we will avoid the focus of the world on ungodly hairstyles so popular in our day. Let us display the love, simplicity, reverence, purity, and obedience to which we are called by our Holy God.

    Let us display Christ in thought, word, and deed—and in our physical appearance! Home Who are We? General Topics.

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    Long Hair—or Short Hair? Hair in the Bible The Bible has a variety of incidental information about hair. Instructions about Hair Nearly everyone in our day assumes that each person has the inherent right to do whatever he or she wishes in regard to the hair.

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    Conclusion What is all of this saying to us? Follow Us. Comments 16 comments.

    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About
    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About
    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About
    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About
    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About
    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About
    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About
    HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About HAIR - All The Bible Teaches About

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