Goddess of the Ancient Maya

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Mayan Gods

They were defeated by the latter's sons the Hero Twins. One of the two stepbrothers of the Hero Twins , one of the Howler Monkey Gods and patron of the arts.

Title attested for Itzamna, Uaxac Yol, and Amaite Ku; family name; probably not meaning "food", but "powerful". Featured in the video game Smite as a ranged, magical mage. A title of respect meaning "Grandfather" and applied to a number of different Maya deities including earth spirits, mountain spirits, and the four Bacabs. A creator-destroyer deity, the brother of the death god Kisin or possibly another earthquake god also known as Kisin. He is the sworn enemy of the world serpent Hapikern and it is said that, in the end of days, he will destroy Hapikern by wrapping him around himself to smother him.

In some versions, this will destroy life on Earth. He is related, in some stories, to Usukan, Uyitzin, Yantho and Hapikern, all of whom wish ill to human beings. Brother of Xamaniqinqu, the patron god of travelers and merchants. Feathered Snake god and creator. A hunting god of the Yucatec Maya arguably corresponding, in the Classic period, to an elderly human with deer ears and antlers. A sky god and one of the creator deities who participated in all three attempts at creating humanity.


The Mayan Pantheon: Gods and Goddesses

A bird being, whose wife is Chimalmat and whose sons are the demonic giants Cabrakan and Zipacna. The god of travelers and merchants, who gave offerings to him on the side of roads while traveling. One of the Hero or War Twins and companion to Hunahpu. A creator god couple which helped create the first humans. They are also the parents of Hun Hunahpu and Vucub Hunahpu.

Cosmology and Religion

They were called Grandmother of Day, Grandmother of Light and Bearer twice over, begetter twice over and given the titles midwife and matchmaker. She was the daughter of Cuchumaquic, one of the lords of the underworld, Xibalba. She is noted for being the mother of the Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque and is sometimes considered to be the Maya goddess associated with the waning moon.

God of the woods, of wild nature, and of the hunt; invoked before carving out a maize field from the wilderness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Maya Pantheon: Some Principal Gods of the Ancient Maya

She is normally represented as a gnarled, somewhat ominous old woman, with a medusa-like hairdo and a bone skirt. She is portrayed with a snake as a head-band and her skirt is embroidered with crossbones. Ix Ch'up A Maya goddess of the moon. Ixmucane She is among the thirteen divinities who attempted a new creation. Ixzaluoh A Maya water goddess.

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Ixtab A goddes of death , of the noose and the gallows. She is the patroness of those who die by hanging or by suicide.

A Few Things & The Bat God

It was believed by the Maya that suicides, slain warriors, sacrificial victims, priests, women who died in childbirth or those who die by hanging were immediately gathered by Ixtab and brought to the eternal paradise. She is depicted with a noose around her neck, hanging from a tree, her eyes closed in death and her body partly decomposed.

Teaching resource on the ancient Maya god Itzamna

Mayahuel The Maya goddess who discovered pulque , a fermented drink which was the forerunner of tequila. Xmucane The Maya goddess of childbirth. She was the consort of Xpiyacoc god of marriage , and the mother of One Hunahpu and Seven Hunahpu mighty warriors. Xpuch and Xtah Two maidens of the Vuc Amag tribe who were forced to offer themselves to the gods Tohil, Avilix and Hacavitz, who would leave the tribe alone if the maidens returned with proof they had been violated by the gods.

This tale appears in the Popol Vuh , an ancient Maya manuscript combining mythological characters and history.

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  5. RESOURCE: Ancient Maya gods - 1) Itzamná (‘God D’).
  6. Xquiq "blood" Another tale from the Popol Vuh. One day Xquiq passed by a tree of forbidden fruits, and picked one of the fruits. The gourd she chose was the head of Hunhun-Apu. He told her not to fear him for she would bear a child soon. When her father heard of this, he sent four owls to slay her and bring her heart back to him in a vase.

    She convinced the owls not to harm her, but instead to bring not her heart, but the coagulated sap of the bloodwort plant, back to her father. Xquiq went to Xmucane, the mother of Hunhun-Apu, for protection. At first Xmucane did not believe the girl's story but the two women soon grew close, and it was not long until Xquiq gave birth to Hun-Apu and Xbalanque. Thus, She is a fertility and motherhood divinity.

    Goddess of the Ancient Maya Goddess of the Ancient Maya
    Goddess of the Ancient Maya Goddess of the Ancient Maya
    Goddess of the Ancient Maya Goddess of the Ancient Maya
    Goddess of the Ancient Maya Goddess of the Ancient Maya
    Goddess of the Ancient Maya Goddess of the Ancient Maya
    Goddess of the Ancient Maya Goddess of the Ancient Maya
    Goddess of the Ancient Maya Goddess of the Ancient Maya

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